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Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

The legality behind the use of mobile phones hasbecome quite serious. The Queensland Police Service fined over 23,000 motorists last year for using mobile phones while driving. Each motorist is fined $300 and 3 demerit points with every incident. What most people don’t realize is that car cradles to hold your devices can be inexpensive solution. And when attached to a dashboard or windscreen it can reduce the risks of looking down in your lap, holding the phone to your ear or just not concentrating. Not only does it become a whole lot more convenient, it becomes much safer and legal too.

Speak Hands Free

Contact Phones’n’Alarms today and have the latest Hands Free Car Kit fully installed without damaging your car for only $350…and no points

We offer a comprehensive range of hands free kits to suit most makes and models of mobile phones on the market. We can install your existing equipment even transfer it from one car or truck to another or remove kits from your old vehicle. Maybe your existing kit doesn’t work we have a service for repairs too.

Fast reliable service that comes to you for the installation of your equipment. Quality no holes installations

It only takes a split second to lose your concentration and what many people don’t realise is that distracted drivers are dangerous.


New Law on Mobile Phone Use in Cars


From November 1, 2012, it will be illegal to handle a mobile phone while driving in QLD – the phone must be in a fixed mounting if you wish to touch it to make or answer a call. Other states already have similar laws.

The only legal and safe way to use a phone in the car is with a fixed mount – a hands-free car kit. You can now have a car kit installed in your car for nearly the same cost as the police fine – just $350 – including integration into your car stereo system for perfect clarity. Our professional installation does not damage your vehicle (no holes are drilled) and it’s backed by a two year replacement warranty and lifetime installation guarantee.

We have systems to suit virtually every car and every phone – call 0419480419 now to confirm compatibility with your car and phone or to book your installation.
We Come To You!

Our mobile installers come to you, installing at your home or office. We operate in all states, covering capital cities and large regional centres.
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A car kit for nearly the same cost as the fine !!!!


A mobile phone’s GPS (or other driver’s aid) function may only be used if:

  • The phone is secured in a commercially designed and manufactured fixed mounting and the mounting is fixed in a location that will not distract you from driving or from being in proper control of your vehicle.

THIS I Phone in cradle      NOT THIS  man

 Parrot image004 

We have the full range of Parrot Bluetooth car kits available (we are parrot certified installers ) !

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Our Special Offer “THE STRIKE ik1 “


Strike iK1 Bluetooth System

WE can install the he Strike iK-1Universal Bluetooth Car Kit into your car today with full audio integration for only $350.00,


Our latest product, the Strike iK-1 Bluetooth Car Kit is designed to be simple. Stream music and have crystal clear voice clarity. This Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit works with all mobile phones including Apple iPhones, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry and HTC. For a large range of Australian cars, the Strike iK-1 Bluetooth Car Kit integrates perfectly into the vehicle and enhance its appearance. Once installed it becomes part of the vehicle as if installed on the production line – no more messy wires.

The Strike iK-1 Bluetooth Car Kit is designed to be simple. It is not distracting and works with little user knowledge and interaction, making driving safer. The custom embedded Bluetooth® switch which is the benchmark in the industry. What does this mean? It means that for a large range of Australian cars we have a Bluetooth solution that becomes part of your car – no more messy wires. The Strike iK-1 Bluetooth Car Kit is designed to integrate perfectly into the vehicle and enhance its appearance, safety and value. Once installed it becomes part of the vehicle as if installed on the production line.


Voice Clarity & Streaming Music

The system utilizes the latest technology integrated into one processor. This coupled with a microphone that is matched to our system provides uncompromised transfer of voice to Bluetooth®. The synergy of all these parts provides stability and a base from which we have been able to deliver a superior system. The clear harmonic  audio reproduction stems from years of software developments by our acoustic engineers. The combination of factory look buttons and the Bluetooth A2DP Audio Streaming capability makes listening and controlling your music files over Bluetooth!


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price. Guaranteed Personalised Service”



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  • Chris arrived at my house on time and was finished in less than an hour. He did a great job and there was no damage to my car. Thanks. I love my new Bluetooth car kit!!

    SharonLinkfield Brisbane


  • I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service provided by you on our fleet of Mercedes Vito vans,vehicle tracking systems and handsfree cradles supplied and fitted to our head office specification. The advice and workmanship was absolutely first class.

    Frank MillenFleet Manager
  • Phones’n’Alarms are a pleasure to deal with. Chris offers solutions, and does what he say’s he will. We have a wide range of his products installed and his service is excellent. Timelines are important in our business and Chris has never failed to fit into our plans. I’m happy to recommend Phones’n’Alarms to anyone.

    John DarnCannon Australia

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